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Thermo Pile 12 Pairs

Product Code : EL-TEATE-10723
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Demonstrate the generation of thermo emf in accordance to the Seebeck effect. 
Terminals provided for electrical connection. 
The complete apparatus mounted on a stable cast metal base through a plated metal rod and 12 pairs of Bismuth and Antimony Poles.
Comprises a number of Bismuth *Bi) and Antimony (Sb) couples joined together in series and mounted in an annular metal ring with insulation between them.
A sheet metal conical funnel has a polished inner surface to facilitate the focusing of radiant heat on to the pile junctions and is fitted over the sensitive end of the metal ring to increase the directional sensitivity and to minimize cooling of the pile junctions by extraneous air currents. 
The Bi-Sb junctions in the metal ring are arranged in the rectangular fashion forming the sensitive area that comprises only of hot junctions, the cold junctions being the thick walled metal body. 


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